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Oil Stains Greenpeace

for Greenpeace at National Sustainability Congress

2013 - WTC Rotterdam


Greenpeace attends the National Sustainability Congress with a stand identifiable as the Russian fuel company Gazprom. Intercepting the PR of this company they explain their partners how the company deals with the environment and human rights.




Geodesic Sauna Dome

for Sweat

by Jasper Griepink

2014 - Roodkapje, Rotterdam/ Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam/ Friesland/ADM, Amsterdam


The dome is sewn from the last meters of hospital linnen. A layer of natural rubber sandwiched between two layers of canvas keeps the moist in and lets the air through. To keep hospital beds dry these materials are replaced by products from new technologies like goretex and microfibres.


The decorations on the 5 zipper entrances are made in Tibetan Macramé.


Aqua Bondage Supplies
Holistic Healing Trolley

for Hemelse Karavaan

by Jasper Griepink

2014 - Welcome To The Village, Leeuwarden




Acoustic Solution With Silkscreen Prints

for Restaurant Moes at the Appel Arts Centre

by Mark Jansen

2014 - Amsterdam


A layer of foam is attached between the wall and the rubber/canvas wallpaper to absorb the sounds produced by cudlery, ceramics and conversations over good wine.
Coffee boiled down to its essence is the ink for silkscreen prints of the restaurants logo. Life size Rorsach test spots from beetrootjuice bring something psychological to the surface to analyze over dinner.






Leather Catsuit

for Hmm

by Sonja Jokiniemi


On European tour


Sounds and colours of Finnish skintones with an interior of sundyed lining, a gradient from violet to blue on the folds.





Time Travelling Flying Carpets

for A Timewalk With The Experts

by Mathilde ter Heijne

2013 - at KW, Berlin -ƒƒ,


Five contemporary female artists dressed in flying carpets embody the spirit of five female artists from the past and answer questions from the audience on being a female artist.








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