Drawing Sewing Technique

for Centaurs Oyster Bar and Film Trilogy

2006 - dasArts blok 26, Australia


own work



2003 - Amsterdam


own work

textile transformation from foto album snapshots into fantasy portraits


other jobs include:


2010 Edit Kaldor - C'est Du Chinois
at Rotterdamse Schouwburg and touring


2009 David Weber-Krebs - Among The Multitude

at Frascati, Amsterdam



18th Century Aristocratic Apparel

for Exilium Arboretum

by Blood For Roses

2008 - Beelden Op De Berg, Wageningen and Over Het IJ Festival,



Adapted from Italo Calvinos book about an 18th century aristocratic family.  Banned to set foot on their homeland, they decides to reside in trees.


Blood For Roses & Andreas Bachmair -
Een Engel In Nieuw West


- costume design angel

- wardrobe support cast


for Blood For Roses & Andreas Bachmair - Een Engel In Nieuw West, Amsterdam


Rather than wings like an animal I reasoned an Angel wears a loop like a figure.


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