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Clown Suit and Feather Coin Cape

for Dream Your Future Self

2018 - ADM, Amsterdam


Anticipating the eviction of ADM freehaven, this video portrait discourages identification with body nor home.

Dream Your Future Self







Common Towel Robe

for Common Sweat

by Steven Jouwersma

2018 ongoing - Brussels, Belgium


Steven's Common Towel Robe is made from left behind towels during common sweat sauna sessions.






Leather Catsuit

for H is the shit

by HAns Toro

2018 - Munchen, Germany

Metal snaps are the stars,







Uniform Faculteit Sculptuurgeneeskunde

Cast Witnesses

by Sarah van Lamsweerde

2017 - Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, Gypsotheek Leuven, Belgium

The staff uniform of the department of Sculpture Healing consists of socks in thongs and a rear ventilated T-shirt apron.

foto Ernst van Deursen







Scotchtape Prostheses


by Luigia Riva

2016 - Biarritz festival Contemporary dance, Chaillot Paris, France

Innesti is Italian for graft, describing the situation of a twig inserted onto a trunk of a living plant. Whether the muscular prostheses grafted onto the dancers bodies augment the body's virility or disable the physical liberty is negotiated in Luigia's choreography.







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