Wardrobe Styling

for The Story Of John Mule

by Orly Nurany 

2009 Amsterdam


"Film director John, is the only man in a world where only women exist. He's chasing the ghost of his film and the ghost of love."




Disappearing Shirts

for Pigeonhouse

by Wilbert Bulsink & Thomas Myrmel

2009 - November Music, Den Bosch and touring


For this concert of modern classic music the composers wished for an outfit in which something would change on stage, without touching. What seemed impossible at first enabled the birth of working with the magic fabric that dissolves when it gets wet.



Faded Fashions From the Present

for So Long Snow

by Karen Røise Kielland

2009 - Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam and touring


Costumes of the protagonists are outfits treated with toilet bleach. They visit the future to find out about snow and inquire the weather man who is dressed to be himself. The effect of the bleach is that it looks like somewhere in the time travel something must have gone wrong, as if the atmosphere absorbed the saturation of the colours.


Leather Patchwork Butterfly and Leather Mermaid Tail

for Violet

by Bojana Mladenovic

2009 - Something Raw Frascati WG, Amsterdam





Transform Plastic Bags Into Wings

for Een Engels In Nieuw West Wings Workshop

by Blood For Roses

2013 - Amsterdam West







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