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Weaving Colours On Stage

Obol Le

by Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti

2016 - Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam

Over the course of five concerts I joined the band on stage with my loom and wove the sounds into colours. As the music dealt with mirroring, in its composition for instance, I threaded the loom with a mirrored prism as found in precolombian weaving history of Latin America. The pattern represents and resembles the sky reflected in the water of lake Titicaca at sunset. The mirroring quality of surface of the water doesn't prevent life to be a journey from below to above and back.







Weaving Ties

for Sacred Bondage Ties

by Jasper Griepink

2015 - Amsterdam. presentation magazine. for sale at Mahara conscious community store


I wove the ties for Jasper to embellish.







Lotus Desert Shelter

for Burning Man

2015 - Black Rock Desert, Nevada USA

Ferasol is the silver mesh applied in architecture to reflect the rays of the sun in order to keep the heat out.The outer layer is made of white light-blocking fabric also used in cinemas. As both layers are equiped with zipper entrances which open in opposite directions, ventilation as well as shade can be adjusted. For the sticks to erect the shelter one is dependent on community or landscape.







Dissolving Shirts

for Catering Century 3000

2015 - Festival Why Not, Amsterdam

Catering Century 3000 in Belgium

Athena in Dissolving Blouse








Bathrobe & Towel Pouch

for Sweat

by Jasper Griepink

2016 - Friesland


Nid d'abeille or honeycomb fabric is known for its isolating quality.







Healing Dress Up With Plants

collaboration with Karolina Daria Flora and Melanie Bonajo

2013 - Amsterdam

When the ill man could not go to out nature, we brought nature in.







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