Tactile Identification Embroidery

for Sightless Seeing #4 Acquisitions

by Sarah van Lamsweerde

2020 - Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


For the exhibtion named In The Presence Of Absence, Sarah developed a tour through the works that all delt with what is commonly left unseen. The perfomers Alicia Hoost and Leroy de Böck live with visual impairment and guide the audience through their own world as well. In order to collect the lines to embroider into their clothes as a way to identity one another through a sense other than the eye, Sarah and I invited Alicia and Leroy to respond with visual output to sensory input such as touch, smell, sound, taste etc. I transferred personal characteristics of the lines they drew to the embroidery.

To challenge the idea of being visible, the clothes are dyed in the same blue as the carpet landscape which invites audience to sit or rest rather than experience the exhibtion strictly vertically.

Flip-flops are a constant in the uniforms of the experts in Sarah van Lamsweerdes performative tours through exhibitions, both calling or empathic sensory wearing experience and a science fictional approach to uniform.







Plant and Feather outfits

for The Moving Forest

by Why Not Festival in collaboration with Julidans

2020 - Offsite venue, Amsterdam

Audience dressed in plants. Hostess shaman dressing feathers. sElfcollected from. north of Amsterdam


foto Nick Chesnaye








Flower Shade Structures

for New Dionysian Festival

by Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev

2020 - Greenhouse, Belgium

Marionet modular hade structure with floral patterned fabric.








Elastic Habitat Bodies

for Elastic Habitat

in collaboration with Helena Dietrich

2018-2019 - different theatres in Belgium and Netherlands; a.o. Kaaitheater Brussels, Brakke Grond Amsterdam

Interviews with people on how they experienced their bodies translated into textile. The bodies are wearable in a playground.








Pixel Animal Patchwork

for Ask The Birds

by Mehraneh Atashi

2018 - Several Exhibitions

Patchwork with skai.








Besides working on my own text and textile artwork I design for dance, theatre, art and activism.

Below a selection of collaborations with and assignments for artists, activists, choreographers and others. Apart from stains and holes my expertise lies in flying carpets, leather catsuits and tents.


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